Authors may interest to join a special session, and the organizer of the special session will be consulted on whether to accept or not the applicant. Upon abstract submission, the authors willing to contribute to the Special Session need to select the Topic corresponding to its title. All special session participants need to register for their participation at ICDEA 2023. The contributors to a special session who will deliver the talk should submit an abstract via the registration system.

  • "Dynamics of Smooth and Nonsmooth Maps: Theory and Applications"

    The main idea of this session is to discuss new phenomena related to the complex dynamics of various nonlinear maps, continuous or discontinuous, smooth or piecewise smooth, invertible or noninvertible, appearing in some applied context or as pure mathematical objects. The presentations are expected to focus on the local and global properties of such maps, invariant sets and their bifurcations, described using qualitative and quantitative methods of nonlinear dynamics theory. Other similar topics as well as real world applications will be also very welcome.

    Organizers: Iryna Sushko (sushko.im@gmail.com) and Davide Radi (davide.radi@unipi.it)

  • This minisymposium will showcase advances in the theory of piecewise-linear maps. Such maps arise from real-world applications, and are also used to further our understanding of nonlinear dynamics because the semi-linearity facilitates analyses involving exact calculations. The dynamics and bifurcations of piecewise-linear maps are often curiously different to those of smooth maps because the nonlinearity is abrupt and local rather than smooth and global.

    Organizers: David Simpson (D.J.W.Simpson@massey.ac.nz)

  • The aim of this special session is to bring together presentations on recent advances in the areas of qualitative and quantitative properties of discrete dynamical systems, with a special focus on the hyperbolicity of nonautonomous and variational systems and its consequences. We particularly encourage communications devoted to exponential dichotomies and trichotomies, linearization of nonautonomous dynamics, shadowing, admissibility/control methods and related applications.

    Organizers: Davor Dragicevic (ddragicevic@math.uniri.hr) , Adina Luminita Sasu (adina.sasu@e-uvt.ro) and Weinian Zhang (matzwn@126.com , wnzhang@scu.edu.cn)

  • The developments in stability theory of difference equations have contributed to the understanding of the qualitative properties of the solutions with applications in mathematical biology and other fields. The purpose of this special session is to present and discuss new results on stability properties of the solutions of difference equations, which will foster new collaborations. Stability properties contain local and global stability, instability, attractivity, and Ulam type stability. Results indicating relevance to real world applications are also welcome.

    Organizers: Hideaki Matsunaga( hideaki.matsunaga@omu.ac.jp ) , Masakazu Onitsuka (onitsuka@ous.ac.jp)

  • Discrete dynamical systems have a broad range of applications in engineering, economics, life science, and other areas. The main goal of this special session is to bring together the scholars in the area of discrete dynamical systems from around the world to exchange their recent results on the theory, methods and applications in Biology and establish the path for future research. This will be an excellent opportunity to students and young researchers to meet in person and discuss the current and future trends in the field with the top international researchers. Talks on applications in this Special Session can be but are not restricted to the following subjects: mathematical modeling of real world problems, population dynamics, transmission dynamics of infectious diseases, gene expression, neural networks, and evolutionary dynamics.

    Organizers: Bo Zheng (zhengbo611@outlook.com), Zhan Zhou (zzhou@gzhu.edu.cn), Jianshe Yu (jsyu@gzhu.edu.cn), and Jia Li (lij@uah.edu)